Not too much to say about this topic. It’s not like it is important or anything 😛 Hannahs dad is an electrician, so he gave us some advice at the beginning and then corrected us along the way. It was fun trying to decide how a logical way would be to connect up the circuits with each of the 4 circuits being evenly loaded. It was weird drilling holes through the framing to run the power cable – I’m glad we used 2x4s instead of 2x3s as there wouldn’t have been much timber left holding the rest of the house up if we had to drill through 2x3s.

It was at this stage that we also had to figure out where we wanted the lights. We had been talking about the light location all along – but when it actually came to running cables to the future location – we needed to know pretty accurate locations. We also had to buy lights – which I must say wasn’t the most thrilling thing I’ve ever done – but hopefully we picked the right ones. We’ve got a 3 tier drop down pendent for the lounge. 2 spot lights (one each side of the bay window) for reading / whatever extra lighting we want to come from behind while we are on the couch. An external light for above the front door. LED strip lights that we will put on the stairs. LED Downlight that is going above the stairs for light in the loft as well as another for the ceiling in the loft. The kitchen will be half lit by the lounge lights but the other half is under the loft and so will be a bit darker. We looked at a lot of lights for the kitchen and finally decided on a rail so we can choose at a later date how many lights we have on the rail (we bought 3 to start with, but maybe we will want more?). The bathroom has a light that goes above the sink and hopefully will disperse the light well into the whole bathroom…

The light switch on the stairs and the light switch beside the loft (other side from the stairs) have been wired up to control both the loft light as well as the stairs light.

We are hoping to be doing solar power, but Hannah isn’t quite sold on the whole cost of the batteries so that is still up for debate at this stage. We have wired in a 3 pin caravan plug for the power into the house. If we end up doing solar – we’ll put the output from the inverter into the a 3 pin caravan plug and then connect in via that – or if we just connect into someone else’s power – we can just plug that in. Either way – it should be easy to change at anytime since we’ve opted for 240v instead of 12v.

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