So I’m too tired to write up that much. I’ve taken three days off work (plus the 2 weekend days) to get a bit done while Hannah’s dad is available to help out and from the lifting, the looking up, the standing in the sun, the excitment! – it is all just exhasting! So we got the framing up (wasn’t actually that hard lifting it up – was only three of us for three of the four walls, it helped that the front and back wall were in two parts) and got soaked as it was raining on and off the day we stood them up. Squaring the walls up and securing them was done over a couple of days. Hannah’s dad was a massive help as we wouldn’t really have known what to do / would have gone with “She’ll be right” and ended up with wavey walls.

We managed to get the roof framing up on the top of the framing pretty easily. We put it together in three parts so that it would be easiler to get it up the 3.5 meters. I had sorta planned on using a couple 2×4’s and use them as a ramp to push the roof up but we ended up only have one 2×4 that was long enough so we just thought we’d lift it up and see how we got on and managed to pretty easily get the three sections up. We had a couple of planks sticking out the side of the framing which we were able to hang the roofing off of while we grabbed lower down and then lifted the roof up higher again – that worked pretty well.

Here are a few pics of how it is coming along. We still need to put hurracaine straps on the roof and strap the roof down – I think that is planned for tomorrow.


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