What kind of exciting/gross stories can you have from buying a brand new French Door you might ask?WP_20150628_09_47_04_Pro

It all starts with buying it off Trademe. The pickup was from Auckland so we purchased a couple other windows to pickup at the same time and organized to pick them up on a Saturday morning. The night before we got a call from the French Door guy asking if we could pick it up on the Sunday instead as Saturday wasn’t going to work for him anymore…Hamilton to Auckland isn’t quite the drive you want to do just for fun so we managed to get him to agree to a 8 – 8:30 pickup. Yes, that is AM.

So 6am rocked on up and we had to get out of bed and not enjoy our Saturday morning sleep in. We made good time and decided to stop for breakfast which ate up all the good time we had made and picked up the window at 8:30.

The guys front yard was a tip. So much broken glass and old joinery all over the place. But there was our brand new, beautiful French Door. The old man helped us put it on our trailer but being out in the cold must have been a bit much for him and he had a HUGE wet blob of clear snot hanging out from his nose. I’m talking like a couple of centimetres!

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