So somehow we’ve managed to avoid talking about the other part of a tiny house, the part about not having lots of crap/things/stuff/whatever you want to call it. Let’s start back at the beginning.

So the introduction we had to Tiny Houses was the doco on Netflix called Tiny – a story about living small

We were amazing at what some people were doing. How some people were living. How some people were so happy. After watching the doco – Hannah and I talked about it – totally not something we were going to ever do, but how we could take some tips from what they had learned. For example – we (just the 2 of us…plus our 2 cats) live in a 5 bedroom house. Human nature is to fill the space you have … so needless to say we had a LOT of stuff. We decided to go through all of our stuff and sell or take to the OpShop (Opportunity Shop for people who don’t know and if you still don’t know what that is, they are typically non-profit retail shops that you can donate your stuff and they sell it and do stuff in the community with the money) stuff that we didn’t need.

Needless to say – we got rid of a fair but if stuff but we still had a full house of stuff. Stuff that just didn’t get used. So a month or so after the first go at getting rid of stuff we went through the house again. It was interesting going through our stuff again so soon after already doing it as stuff that we definitely wanted the first time through didn’t seem so important this time. So we got rid of some more stuff. This happened 1 or 2 more times – each time getting rid of more and more. I’d hate to know what our neighbours thought – as we sold a LOT of stuff on Trademe (NZs Ebay) and cars randomly showing up and only staying a minute as they picked up our junk and were gone again.

So by this stage it had been 6 months or so since we had watched Tiny: a story about living small

But with being keen and set on this – we went through all of our stuff again and got rid of more as we wouldn’t have room in a tiny house for it. Our parents (both sides) have said a number of times saying not to get rid of stuff we’re going to miss or when the tiny house gets old and we want to live in a regular house again that we’ll have to spend lots of money buying it all back again but the thing is is that this whole year has been a complete mental shift for both Hannah and I. We aren’t just getting rid of stuff or not buying stuff because we can’t have it in our tiny house – the reason is we don’t want it. We don’t use it. We don’t want to be tied to this whole consumerism world. Stuff freaks us out now. There isn’t any point in having things that just sit there gathering dust. No point in having things that never get used. There isn’t 1 thing we’ve gotten rid of that we wished we still had … well maybe one. Going through our kitchen, we saw we had both an electric beater as well as a hand beater. Neither of us bake much at all, so we only needed 1. The hand beater was really old so we put that into the opshop box and a day or 2 later the box was full so we dropped it off at the opshop. The very next night we had some friends come over to watch a movie and they, being the awesome friends they are, brought chocolate self saucing desert. Jess had brought the eggs, the milk, flour – all of it. It just needed to be mixed. We got out the electric beater and plugged it into the wall socket and it just started to smoke and it smelt TERRIBLE! I very quickly unplugged it and threw it outside. So now we didn’t have any beaters… But a couple months on we still don’t have beaters. We haven’t needed them for anything so no point in replacing it. If we need to – we can use a fork.

So yes – things have changed. The most recent thing to go was my chest of drawers. One night after work I was like – so what else can we get rid of? I then relized that Hannah and cleared out a couple of her drawers, and a couple of other drawers just had random crap in it. So we cleared those ones out and I moved all of my clothes from my drawers into hers. Without my drawers in the room – the room feels so much bigger. Less stuff. Less clutter.

But yeah – we’re so much happier with owning less stuff. And everything we buy now is talked about and evaluated as to its purpose and if we *actually* need it or just *want* it. That has saved us a lot of money.

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  1. Awesome, bro. Keep it up. Good watching the progress, and can’t wait to see it and help out (if you’ll let us) when we’re up later this month!

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