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Taps Taps, Taps…

We have finished the outside of our tiny house (at least for now, there’s still plenty of touching up and tidying up to be done) so we’ve moved our attention indoors.  Plumbing, wiring, insulating and eventually lining the inside walls!

With respect the plumbing, we figured it would be good to know exactly what we would be plumbing in, so set out to decide on some tapware. Specifically, in our tiny house we will be plumbing a shower, basin and kitchen sink, so need a mixer for each!   Okay, so I bought a gloriously expensive,  (but on sale) basin tap by Methven, which is a very highly recommended NZ tapware company. It was sleek and beautiful, and had all the fancy european ceramic cartridges (even though I don’t even know what that means). It was nice and heavy and the box was a pretty blue. Haaaaaaaaa.  But! Enter, tap dilema. I know that tapware doesn’t have to match, our current house certainly doesn’t. Plus, what kind of pretentious guests do I expect we will be inviting over?!  But, in my mind if I had to choose a shower mixer, I figured it might as well look the same, and couldn’t bring myself to accept a cheaper option! So I’ve been thinking a lot about whether I wanted nice taps becuase I thought they were actually worth more, or whether I was just shelling our extra cash for a brand name!

Part of my vision of our lifestyle is about MAKING DO with whatever we have – firstly not buying ANYTHING if you can help it. But I’ve really been struggling with deciding how to buy things when we do actually need to. Should we fork out and buy the best, hoping it will be the best quality, and last us the longest? Or do we go for cheaper options and spend the money on something more worthwhile? =\  And then, on top of that, who knows what kind of water we will have access to. Without adequate filters, particles may ruin my european ceramic caridges in my taps…  It’s not adding any value to our tiny house (we don’t plan to sell it)… We could spend the money on a work of art for the wall, which would probably add more asthetics to our house than super expensive taps…

Hmmm, so much to think about. In the end:

  • Exchanged basin mixer, and got a cheaper basin mixer, matching shower mixer, and $78 back!
  • Bought a second-hand kitchen sink including tap for $26.


Meanwhile, we’d confirmed plans for the loft, built it, and today we installed it! It’s half permanently attached with 6mm spacers, since the internal lining will sit in behind it, once we have completed the plumbing, wiring and insulation. We’ve been out at night with some bulbs and lights to try and decide where and how many lights to plan for.  It’s hard when the walls are all still black paper. Nothing seems bright enough!

The loft is quite high. If you’re under 1965mm you’ll be clear to walk through to the bathroom. The height was really affected by the height of the cavity sliding frame, and the bathroom window. I guess I’d have liked it a little lower, since (I’m short and could still walk easily through the kitchen and) I’m the one sleeping on the lower ceiling side of the bed!

Also, the two 2×4’s holding the loft up are temporary until we build the stairs. Eventually there will be a chrome pole integrated into the stairs to support that corner of the loft, and act as a hand rail as you corner up the stairs. Along the right hand side of the loft will be the stairs, and standing platform.

It’s looking great now that the loft is in! And because it’s higher than I had pictured in my head, overall the house still feels quite spacious. Next is building the bathroom wall, and continuing with everything needed to be able to line the walls!  A whole new set of skills to learn!

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