So now that we’ve caught up the blog posts with where we are actually up to…

We’ve purchased 6 bags of R2.2 Wall Pink Batts insulation and 23 sheets of 6mm ply and 10 sheets of 9mm ply for lining the inside of the house.

We bought disposable overalls, goggles & dust masks for putting in the insulation (just using the gloves we already had). We haven’t pulled out the overalls yet and we are planning on returning them, as well as a bag of unopened dust masks. I’m still using the goggles & dust masks while handing the insulation (and wearing a long sleeve shirt) but Hannah gave up pretty quickly on the mask as she didn’t like breathing through it.

Except for when we only have to cut 15 mms off of the Pink Batts, the batts cut well and then stay in place. It was quite cool seeing the first sheet installed and, although pink, made quite a nice look inside the house as it was finally some colour, something not just black. It definitely made the space feel brighter. The easiest thing would probably be to put all the batts in place and then go and put the lining on but we decided that we’ll insulate small sections at a time and then line those sections. This is so that we don’t have batts just sitting around and possibly falling out if it takes a few weeks to line the whole house.

We’ve also been using a straight edge and finding the imperfections in our framing and the joins and then attacking them with the electric planner. Although we aren’t doing a perfect job with this – it will at least stop as many / as big of waves in our ply sheets. So far we’ve been using the circular saw to cut the sheets to size / cutting out the windows and the Bosch multi tool to cut out the holes for the light switches / power points. The multi tool has made cutting out those holes soo easy.

We’ve been using a pneumatic staple gun to fix the ply sheets to the wall. This has worked INCREDIBLY well. It allows for a really fast and neat job. I can’t image having to individually screw or nail these sheets. I guess you could say we should have used a nail gun for all of the framing as well… Oh well – was good experience nailing it all by hand.

Now that we have those 2 rows of sheets on – we’ll leave the top row for now and do the ceiling. Once the ceiling is done, we’ll do the 3rd row and then move onto the next wall.

I mentioned at the beginning that we are using different thickness ply – the 6mm is for the walls and 9mm for the ceiling. The one exception is the lounge wall which we are putting on 9mm ply on. This is due to that wall needing a little bit of extra structural strength since it is mostly just window, so we decided to put on thicker ply.

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