Functional Areas:


  • Bathroom on short (tow bar) end of the trailer – Shub (Shower over square bath), composting toilet and handbasin. There will also be slim tall storage cubbies for towels and toiletries.
  • The bathroom will have a window above the basin, with the bottom half obscured. I like the idea of being able to see out when I brush my teeth, without people being able to see anything too exciting when I get out of the shower.
  • Sliding door into the bathroom to avoid losing floor space where the door would swing. Sliding door will hopefully have a frosted leadlight window to allow light through the bathroom into the kitchen galley, but still retain privacy.


  • The kitchen will run along the front long wall – roughly 2.4m long.  This is where the gas stove and sink will be.  Above the bench there will be a lovely wide sliding window which will be great for entertaining eventually in summers!
  • The fridge and pantry storage will be on the opposite wall, built into the stairs.  The kitchen will be of a rough galley style.
  • Having the kitchen and bathroom in close proximity minimizes our need to run gas (for hot water to shower, sink and cooktop) and water the full length of the trailer.


  • Our sleeping loft will be 1950mm from the floor (enough headroom for Caleb comfortably) over the kitchen and bathroom.
  • We opted for stairs for practical reasons, and have decided to keep the last stair low enough that we  could stand in our loft if we wanted to. This limits the headroom above the toilet (not yet drawn in the sketchup model) but practically the space above the toilet was wasted anyway!  I like the idea of being able to change into PJs and stand full height comfortably in the loft space.
  • The loft space will have a wide skinny window and a skylight (TBC!) so it should be lovely and open.  It will also have storage for clothes and other personal effects.


  • At the bottom of the stairs there will be a fold-away study desk.  Our tiny computer will be mounted on the back of our monitor which will be affixed to a wall bracket above the deck.
  • The monitor will be able to swivel out to an appropriate viewing angle from the couch to double as our TV!
  • Our main lounge/living space will feature a large storage couch in front of a large bay window. The couch will double as a day bed and potential guest bed.
  • We will have a set of french doors which will eventually open out onto a large deck, stepping down onto a large section with some bush for exploring and some DIY play enquipment…. [day dream] …


We would love to hear your feedback or questions in the comment section below!

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