So its been about 2.5 months since the last post – mainly due to the fact that we were still working on the same task as what was blogged about last time, which shouldn’t have taken anywhere near as long as it did. So yes, the lining is now done.

It has been raining quite a lot – especially on the weekends. Yes I know we have been working on the inside of the house but cutting and prepping the sheets of ply have been done outside and that hasn’t been possible with all the rain. But there was also the fact that we got lots of it done and it just got a bit harder so we didn’t have as much motivation to continue on with it.

After the last blog post – we then did the ceiling. That was really quite hard as the sheet of ply was longer than the width of the house (because of the angle of the roof) and so getting the sheets in the house (on an angle), and climbing up the ladder (on an angle) to get onto the planks (on an angle). So that was fun and our heads got a bit sore as we balanced the ply on our heads when our arms were tired. It was a bit of a mish to get the ply sheets spaced the 2mm apart and keeping them perfectly spaced while we then used the staple gun to attach it. Working on the ceiling is probably when I got the most itchy due to the Pink Batts, and it was always my forehead that got itchy. We used 9mm Okume faced ply for the ceiling. 6mm of the same for the walls.

I’ve also cut all of the flashings that previously had been hanging down past the bottom of the shadow clad & mini corrugate and they are now just slightly longer than the shadow clad. Just doing that made the house look so much more complete & tidy. Liking what I had done, and how much better it looked – I cut the barge boards at their final lengths and finished them off. Don’t really like how they finished off but to late – it’s done and is a million times better than the meter of over hang on all 4 corners ( yeah – only took like 7 months to cut them off. The neighbors are probably really glad that eye-sore is gone).


It started raining heaps and we still didn’t have the gutter up. It wasn’t really a problem unless you were wanting to get in or out of the house and you end up just getting dripped on (ok, drip might be a lot less water than what it actually was) as you open the door. But then after a couple days or pretty solid rain – I noticed a wet patch in the corner (of course we had already lined both walls) and so started looking to see where the water was coming from. It turns out it had soaked through the floor from the bottom up and the water I was seeing was from the splashes that had been happening from the water falling from the roof to the ground and then splashing up through the floor. So needless to say that weekend we went and bought the guttering and downpipe and got it installed. We’ve cut it all and attached it all – but we haven’t yet glued any of it together. It does a few drips from the joins but it is pretty impressive how well it does without the glue. I’ve got the down pipe going into a bucket and I water the garden with that water.

Back to the lining again – when we put the stair window /one of the loft windows in – we were sorta just wanting to get it in – but I was also arguing that I thought we should just leave the jam the length it was and have a bit of a shelf – but either way we had to get that cut down before lining around the window. So once again another thing that was needing to be done before we could continue on with what we were actually working on. With cutting the other windows – we marked on the window jams where we were wanting to cut to and then used the skill saw and cut close to the line and then just used the electric plane to finish it up – easy. But with having the window already in, we couldn’t use the skill saw. Without a saber saw or any other saw – I nailed on some ply off cuts around the window and then used the multi-tool to cut it flat. It took quite a while but it did the trick.

We had to do the bathroom and the loft area – which would have been easier without the loft already in place – but I’m glad we put the loft in months and months ago. When we put the loft up, we knew we were going to have to put the lining behind the loft and so we put in some 6mm spacing  with the hope we would be able to easily enough slide the ply in behind the loft. And it actually was! As for the bathroom – the vanity doesn’t touch the floor and so we had to put in the waste water pipe into the wall before we put the sheet of ply up. Once again something else we had to plan and hold the process up a little bit. Figuring out the height in the wall that the pipe would be coming out…hopefully it fits later when we actually put the sink in!

Well we’ve finished the lining. We’re glad it is finished and we think it looks great! Now just to decide if we are going to just seal the ply or paint it white or a bit of both. Thoughts from any of you? Please leave a reply with your thoughts.

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