Completed the lining, and other tidy up jobs

So its been about 2.5 months since the last post – mainly due to the fact that we were still working on the same task as what was blogged about last time, which shouldn’t have taken anywhere near as long as it did. So yes, the lining is now done. It has been raining quite […]

Insulation and lining

So now that we’ve caught up the blog posts with where we are actually up to… We’ve purchased 6 bags of R2.2 Wall Pink Batts insulation and 23 sheets of 6mm ply and 10 sheets of 9mm ply for lining the inside of the house. We bought disposable overalls, goggles & dust masks for putting […]

Wiring and lights

Not too much to say about this topic. It’s not like it is important or anything 😛 Hannahs dad is an electrician, so he gave us some advice at the beginning and then corrected us along the way. It was fun trying to decide how a logical way would be to connect up the circuits […]

Bathroom necessities – door and water

Bathroom Door You would be forgiven for thinking that we stopped building the house due to the 2 months of no updates. Things have been a little quiet but lots has happened. We thought we were just needing to blog stuff since the plumbing but just a quick read of the previous post / looking […]

Our stay in a tiny house

Last week we decided it would be good to get away for the weekend but we couldn’t decide where to go and we didn’t want to spend too much money (ok, I did but Hannah didn’t). I then remembered a year ago when we first heard about Cedric that you could pay to stay and […]

Back to work (the ones that pay)

So the last couple of weeks have been a bit slower. 2 weeks ago we went with two of our good mates to the beach. It was great to get away, but I was glad when we got back to continue building. Hannah on the other hand would have preferred to stay away for longer I […]

A little bit more progress – we have a door

So for once it hasn’t actually been a month since the last post – we must actually be getting a bit of work done! What we’re doing at the moment is quite cool (the cladding & windows still) because we can see what we’ve done immediately & feel like we’ve done something. What was disapointing […]

Paper, Glass & corrugate

We’ve been a bit busy in the last week. I took the couple days before Christmas off from work to get some work done & was hoping we could have had the building wrap on before Christmas but that didn’t happen. We ended up finding little things that we had missed / just couldn’t be bothered […]

The roof goes on

So it’s been a couple ( or 3) weeks since the walls and roof framing went up. I was keen on getting the roof on to help protect the floor from the rain as soon as we could but it doesn’t help when you hadn’t even ordered it. Sure the floor is proper ply flooring, […]