Insulation and lining

So now that we’ve caught up the blog posts with where we are actually up to… We’ve purchased 6 bags of R2.2 Wall Pink Batts insulation and 23 sheets of 6mm ply and 10 sheets of 9mm ply for lining the inside of the house. We bought disposable overalls, goggles & dust masks for putting […]

Wiring and lights

Not too much to say about this topic. It’s not like it is important or anything 😛 Hannahs dad is an electrician, so he gave us some advice at the beginning and then corrected us along the way. It was fun trying to decide how a logical way would be to connect up the circuits […]

Bathroom necessities – door and water

Bathroom Door You would be forgiven for thinking that we stopped building the house due to the 2 months of no updates. Things have been a little quiet but lots has happened. We thought we were just needing to blog stuff since the plumbing but just a quick read of the previous post / looking […]