It was trailer day yesterday – very exciting as you will know if you are reading this from your very own tiny house! Our trailer was built by Kea Trailers in Te Rapa, about 25 minute drive along 80km expressway. We arrived yesterday morning to collect it (I had popped in the day before to […]

Accumulating Supplies

We have been accumulating building supplies in our garage.  It’s getting very exciting to see all the parts which are going to make up our house!   We have the PlyFloor sheets, rolls of damp proof course, most of the exterior wood cladding (the rest will be mini corrugated metal) and a good supply of […]

Trailer update

So the trailer build is under way. Kea Trailers sent us a couple pictures of the progress so far and here it is. They said it should be going to get galvanised sometime next week! So – shouldn’t be too much longer until we get it!   UPDATE: Popped in to see the trailer in the […]

The Trailer

The foundation of any house is important – and that is why we spent quite a bit of time researching trailers. The problem is – there isn’t that much info out there about tiny house trailers, well there is but not at the same time. We got quotes from 6 or 7 different places and […]

Kitchen Slider

This story is in fact the reason behind starting this blog! I had set up an automatic feed from TradeMe to get e-mail updates every time white aluminium joinery was listed.  Every morning in bed I would lie in and sift through all of the listings on my phone, adding the potentials into my watch-list […]