Welcome to our Tiny House Journey!

The idea of building our own house for ourselves, in the most practical of senses, is quite exciting!  We also plan to source what we can from TradeMe, re-using joinery and other materials to save costs and save them from being dumped!

Another awesome result of using TradeMe to source materials is that EVERY piece comes with its own story of how the bidding war was, where we drove to to collect it, who we met and what their story was, and any other dramas that came along with it!

At the end of our build, we will have a sustainable house that we have not only built with our own sweat and tears (I’m sure there will be many!), but every aspect of it will have a very real story and memory for us.  So this blog will help us share our stories and journey of building and (hopefully one day) living in our tiny house!